Twin Swap!

Video Description: Elle dresses up like her twin sister, Kayla, in the hopes of seducing Kayla's boyfriend Jason. Although she knows it's wrong, what's more wrong is not being with the man she truly wants! Elle's nerves about her plan not working are quickly quelled when Jason is more turned on than ever by his 'girlfriend' being 'out of character' and how much more passionate she kisses. The two rip off one another's clothes and enjoy a passionate encounter that both never really expected. Jason buries his head between Elle's legs, licking every drip of desire from her pussy before plunging deep inside her. Elle's sexual dreams have finally come true - but at what cost?
1 comment

Gia is beautiful and sexy as always, but keeping the shoes on during lovemaking just looks stupid. High-heeled shoes are, moreover, not sexy but an instrument of torture, designed to inhibit and control women. Shame on the female director!
2018-06-13 05:19
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